Sunday, June 2, 2019

Download Zepeto for Android Latest Version

Download Zepeto 2.4.1  for Android Latest Version

Download Zepeto 2.4.1  for Android Latest Version  - Zepeto is a social media and entertainment application that is more like a game. Well, this application is not like any other ordinary social media application where you chat or call colleagues or upload photos and other items. This application is about creating your own digital vs and searching and contacting your colleagues. The Zepeto application has been upgraded by Snow Corporation and is available for Android and iOS users.

When you will open the application you will be asked to upload your image or take a selfie photo and you are ready to make your digital avatar. Then, the application will scan your image and find your feature to make your digital vs. more similar to yours. You can create new partners or provide additional partners who are already in the Zepeto application and start chatting with them using different emojis that are made using your images. Dream of your favorite animation features and think you can look better and funnier than that !!

The following features are included in this application:

  • Different obstacles - There will be several different obstacles that you will face during the game and by winning the obstacles you will get several points and from that point, you can adapt to buying new clothes and some decoration items.
  • Different levels There are several levels and through them, you can open more objects, clothing items and different jobs.
  • Customization - You can adjust face vs. digital because there are several editing tools available for reconciliation. You can change the look because there are a number of different dresses and accessories that are available until you can wear clothes as you wish.
  • This application is an awesome application for most people who feel bored chatting as usual because you will use these characters that you make time to chat with your colleagues and this will make your conversation more interesting. So, what are you waiting for? Go take it until you don't let go of the fun out there!

Download Zepeto Android
Download Zepeto for Android Latest Version | Download Here

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